What’s in the Jar of Goodwill?

All the good stuff.

Are your employees happy at work? Do they feel as if they’re an integral part of the success of the organization? Are they completely connected and engaged in their jobs and in the organization? Are your employees ambassadors of your organization—even when they’re having a really, really bad day? Do you make them feel valued, appreciated, and important?

The only way to have employees who are happy, engaged, and motivated to be ambassadors for you is by making them number one. If you don’t consistently treat your employees like they’re number one…your employees won’t make your customers feel like they’re number one.

Employees who don’t feel valued, appreciated and important often end up feeling marginalized. They will push themselves less. They’ll have lower standards when it comes to quality. They won’t feel as motivated to meet deadlines, go the extra mile for you or your customers, and or to be innovative. They’ll complain to each other, which is bad enough…but these unhappy and disconnected employees will also express their dissatisfaction to customers. Employees who don’t feel valued, appreciated and important are a serious liability to your organization’s reputation.

Let’s be more positive, though, and assume you’ve got a workforce composed of many happy, engaged employees. Even those folks have bad days, right? Your employees must deal with unpleasant customers and annoying co-workers; they don’t receive a raise or promotion they think they deserved; they must juggle personal problems and issues at work. And even you—the boss—can have a bad day and end up “sharing it” with those who work for you. During these “off” days, how do you keep your workforce onboard with you? Will they be ambassadors when their stress is high and their mood is low?

The Jar of Goodwill

To fully understand how to make your employees feel that they’re number one, visualize the desks of each of your employees: there’s a cup full of pens and pencils, a container of paper clips, and perhaps a candy jar. Next to these, there is another very important container. You can’t see it—but it’s there. In this jar, your employees store all of the good things that you—the management of the organization—do that makes them feel valued, appreciated, and important to the organization’s success. We call this the Jar of Goodwill.

The goodwill that is stored in these jars is what makes your employees feel connected; what keeps them happy; what makes them feel valued and appreciated; and what sustains them on those bad days. Full Jars of Goodwill inspire your employees to become ambassadors for your organization…and the jars stay full when you consistently provide your employees with all the information, support, recognition, challenges, fair compensation and benefits, good co-workers, feedback, fun, and encouragement they need to be unequivocal ambassadors for your organization—no matter what kind of day they’re having. In other words, you’ve got to keep those jars full so your employees will remain loyal and keep working hard, even on the days you’re really cranky, the copy machine breaks, the customers are whining and the coffee’s bad!