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Lucky X2: Lottery Winner Has Millions AND Loves Her Job!

Posted by Janet Smith on January 15, 2016


This morning I saw this couple, John and Lisa Robinson of Munford, Tn., display their winning Powerball ticket on the Today Show. John bought the ticket on his way home from work last night, less than four hours before the winning number was drawn. It is reported that the Robinsons are one of three winners of the $1.6 billion Powerball lottery drawing. If this is so, the Robinsons will receive just over half a billion dollars. After taxes, that will leave them with $350ish million.

Hard not to be envious, right?

But there’s another reason why a lot of people may envy Lisa: She loves her job! Despite this unexpected and nearly unprecedented financial windfall, she doesn’t plan to quit her job at a dermatologist’s office.

It will be interesting to find out what Lisa and John plan to do with their millions. But I’m even more interested in finding out what makes the doctor’s office Lisa works in so great that she wants to keep working there.

It has to be a very healthy culture, where everyone is respected and treated as an adult. The co-workers undoubtedly get along well, and support and care about one another. Everyone working there must feel valued and an important part of the success of the practice. Sadly, the percentage of workplaces like this is very small. Okay, not as small as your chances of winning the Powerball…but Gallup studies show that only about 13 percent of workers in this country actually like going to work.

There are seven critical mistakes that most bosses make that hurt employee morale and engagement — but I’m guessing that the leaders and managers at this dermatology practice know better than to make these mistakes.

It’s possible that as time goes on, Lisa will decide to do other things with her time, and resign from her job. But the fact that her initial response after becoming a multi-millionaire wasn’t take this job and shove it, but rather, I’m gonna keep this job, ‘cause I love it tells me that Lisa is a very fortunate woman indeed.





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