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Take the time to say “hi” every morning!

Posted by Janet Smith on November 23, 2011

Yesterday I received an email from my mom…that she received from someone else…that certainly stole my heart. It consists of four photos, telling the story of a deer that visits a cat every morning! Seems the two unlikely critters have formed a bond and start out every day showing one another some genuine affection. The kitty’s owner decided to snap some pictures to document this remarkable daily meet-and-greet event.

As an employee morale consultant, I can’t help but think how many people would benefit from following the example of this deer and cat. I simply mean that when you arrive at work, greet your co-workers pleasantly. And if you’re a leader, boss, manager, or in any kind of a supervisory position, say hello to those who report to you if at all possible. It shows that you care, and it makes a difference. Visit employees on their turf (stop by someone’s desk, go out on the warehouse floor, etc.)…and you’ll score extra boss points.

Saying hello and giving a smile to employees doesn’t cost a thing. And like the deer who keeps coming back to visit the cat…it will definitely be noticed!

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