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Happy employees refer more clients

Posted by Janet Smith on January 8, 2009

Yesterday John Jantsch wrote in his Duct Tape Marketing blog about how employees are a great—but often underestimated—source of referrals. He says, “There are lots of great ways to systematically stoke the referral machine, but an often overlooked one is the engagement of your entire staff. Every employee, marketing related function or not, should be brought into the referral game and motivated, empowered and rewarded for playing the game to win.”

I couldn’t agree more. Your employees are in the perfect position to know what the company has to offer and who would benefit from what the company does. But as John explains, there are some steps that must be put in place to ensure that the referrals from employees actually happen.

It brings to mind a small medical office I worked with. The practitioner was brilliant and gave excellent care to patients. But when it came to his staff, this person was also impatient and easily irritated. He often snapped at, or was short with, his staff members. And occasionally—though not always—this happened in the presence of a patient.

In a conversation with his staff, most admitted to me that they didn’t refer friends or family members to the practitioner they worked for, even though they felt he gave outstanding care…because they didn’t want to risk being humiliated by him in front of someone they know.

Since referrals beget referrals, just think about the potential number of patients over time that this practice isn’t getting…just because the person in charge isn’t consistently nice to his staff.

Morale impacts reputation—and the bottom line.

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