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Don’t be a Bosszilla

Posted by Janet Smith on January 9, 2009

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re not an abusive boss. The last thing a tyrant boss would read is a blog about employee morale. Because bosses like that don’t care about employee morale. They don’t care about employees at all. They only care about themselves, and about controlling those they oversee through intimidation, anger, inconsistent behavior, and manipulation. They abuse their power to feed their narcissistic egos and mask their true feelings of inadequacy.

Most of us have worked for a boss like this at one point or another, and it can really bring you to your knees. So I was intrigued when I came across a blog post called Seven Rules to Surviving an Abusive Boss, written a few weeks ago by psychologist Dr. Elvira Aletta for psychcentral.com.  She completely hits the mark with every word—and she speaks from experience, describing a “boss-zilla” she once worked for, and how she quit after three years with “a raging case of Post-Traumatic Boss Disorder.”

So even though you’re probably not a bad boss at all, I encourage you to read what Dr. Aletta has to say.  You might have a few controlling tendencies that need to be checked. Or it might make you face the fact that there’s a manager in your midst who is making employees miserable and must be confronted (and probably terminated).

No one expects a perfect boss. But everyone has the right to expect a supervisor who is a decent human being and makes an effort to create a positive and pleasant work experience.

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