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Consistency is great, except if you’re a tyrannical boss

Posted by Janet Smith on January 14, 2009

My spring intern S.J., sweetest girl in the world, has been telling me about the owner of the clothing store where she works. Talk about a tyrant. This guy berates employees for everything—even in the presence of customers. He yells if the employees don’t meet sales goals—even on days when almost no customers have walked into the store. He yells when they do meet sales goals-telling them they still should have sold more. He calls employees names. He’s been known to criticize the way employees dress—even when they are wearing clothing sold at that store! He argues with family members in front of employees. He allows his grown son, also in management, to abuse employees as well.

S.J. says that some customers have actually told employees they won’t shop at that store any more because they’ve witnessed how poorly the employees are treated. When the owner was told this, he said he didn’t want their money anyway.

Talk about a first-class bosszilla. It’s sad that a human being as miserable as this guy is in a position to hire young college students who really need a job, and then treats them so poorly. But some of those young employees will one day be bosses themselves. They’ll recall the horrible way this man treated them…and hopefully will be much better bosses themselves because of that experience.

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