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Go the extra mile for your employees and reap the rewards

Posted by Janet Smith on November 3, 2008

I recently spoke with employees at a small company who are so loyal to the owner that they feel—and I am using their words where—protective of him. Some of them admitted that they go way above and beyond what they’re required to do because of their loyalty to this man.  Others fretted that maybe they don’t quite do enough, even though they’re meeting their responsibilities. Seriously—some employees are actually concerned that they’re not going above and beyond enough. That’s how dedicated they are to this company and their boss.

Every employee I spoke with, from the person who is second-in-command to the custodian, and everyone in between, told me it was the greatest job they’ve ever had. They said they brag about their job to their friends. Some said they almost hesitate to tell people just how good they’ve got it at work, because it makes others so envious.

Employees are trusted, empowered, communicated with, and respected. An on-site chef cooks lunch for everyone every day, and employees enjoy a workout room (complete with personal trainer), scheduling flexibility, and an atmosphere of camaraderie. Pay and benefits are way above average. The opinions of all employees are listened to and valued. Workers are thanked frequently for their contributions and hard work. 

The owner of this company of about 40 employees is one smart guy. He values his employees over everything else, and lets them know it. The small management team is treated like gold, and that philosophy trickles down. And guess what? Despite the significant bucks spent on amazing employee perks, this company is thriving. Business is booming. They’re in the process of hiring 15 new employees right now.

It’s proven over and over in research studies (and in my observations): go the extra mile for your employees, and they’ll move mountains for you.

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