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Are you one of the 15 million workers with a bad boss?

Posted by Janet Smith on August 4, 2008

There is a wealth of research data floating around demonstrating that organizations whose employees have high morale consistently have higher than average profits and returns on investment.

And there are even more study results that undeniably prove that employees who have lousy bosses rarely have high morale.

So then why are there so many bad bosses out there? And yes, I’ve got stats for this as well. Working America, the AFL-CIO affiliate, commissioned a bad bosses survey that was conducted by Lake Research Partners.

They found that 10 percent of the 1,000 people surveyed think they have bad bosses. When you take 10 percent of the entire population of people working in this country, I guess you come up with 15 million people. That’s awful. And as someone in the business of employee morale, I have no trouble believing that this number is more or less accurate.

I’m not a negative person. Quite the opposite. Yet I’m always posting negative blogs about the workplace. So in my next post, I will have something good to say.

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