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Another seminar opportunity

Posted by Janet Smith on August 11, 2008

Earlier this month, Frank Roche posted an entry for the KnowHR Blog called, “Let’s Put on Bad Behavior Seminars.” He suggests sessions such as, “Passive Aggressive Behavior for the Disaffected Manager” and “How to Make Yourself Look Like You’re Doing Something So You Can Keep Your Job.”

I think Frank is making one of those facetious-but-not-really statements. I mean, try finding one person who works for someone else who doesn’t have a story about bad office behavior! Sometimes it’s the boss; sometimes it’s a co-worker. Frequently it’s the boss and co-workers.

The job market is tight right now. There are some professions, such as nursing and engineering, where demand exceeds supply.  But for the majority of workers in this country, finding a new, comparable job is not easy. This means that a lot of people must somehow tolerate an intolerable work environment.

Sounds like another seminar opportunity.

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