Q: What kinds of organizations benefit from The Power of Goodwill and your Employee Morale Snapshot?

A: Absolutely any organization will benefit, regardless of the number of employees (we once conducted an employee morale assessment for a company with five employees!) or the industry.

Q: I’m a department manager for a large company, and there are 15 people in my department. Can the Employee Morale Snapshot be used to assess the level of morale only in my department?

A: We will gladly work with one department of a larger organization, and applaud managers who want to find out how employees really feel by having Janet conduct an Employee Morale Snapshot assessment.

Q: How do I know whether or not my employees are currently ambassadors for my organization?

A: The only way to really know for sure is to conduct research among employees to find out what they’re thinking and feeling about their jobs, their bosses, and their employers. You can’t read their minds, and employees typically don’t talk much (if at all) about job dissatisfaction with their boss or the leader of the organization. But you can almost count on them to discuss their concerns with friends, neighbors, co-workers…and your vendors and customers.
That’s what makes the Employee Morale Snapshot so valuable. You’ll be amazed at the things employees tell Janet…and although she passes much of what she hears along to the leader in her report, she never discloses who says what. Never.

Q: Why do you say that the customer isn’t number one?

A: Welcome to the twenty-first century. Used to be, employees were, by and large, loyal to their employers unless they were treated so poorly that loyalty was no longer a viable option. You could tell employees that the customer is number one, and they’d pretty much agree with you and follow that command.

Times have changed, though, and employees have higher expectations of their employers, along with greater needs and wants. Employees really want to feel connected and happy on the job, but it won’t happen unless they’re made to feel that they’re number one. They want to be treated with respect, communicated with, valued and appreciated, and shown how they are contributing to the success of the organization. They expect to be listened to, rewarded, nurtured, and given opportunities to learn more and grow. Strong, confident leaders and managers who hire Janet to conduct an Employee Morale Snapshot find out that there are some simple steps they can put in place that help make employees feel more connected and happy at work. The result? Employees who are inspired to be true ambassadors of the organization, and who are assets to the organization’s reputation.

Treat your employees as if your organization’s reputation depends on it…because it does depend on it!