You may be an outstanding leader…

But you’re not a mind reader!

Don’t worry, though. The Employee Morale Snapshot will tell you everything you need to know.

As the leader of an organization are you certain that your employees are happy, engaged, and going the extra mile to help the company succeed?  Are their Jars of Goodwill full? Hey, you’re smart…but you can’t read minds. You’ll never really know what your employees are thinking unless you tell them that you want their honest feedback…and then provide a way for them to give that feedback that feels safe and is completely anonymous.

I have a track record for getting remarkably honest feedback from employees (I never tell who said what), and the leader receives a report that details (anonymously, of course) what employees appreciate about their jobs and employers; their areas of concern; and their suggestions for how to make things even better. And most importantly, the report includes many specific recommendations for increasing morale and making the workplace culture even healthier.

When you know what you need to do to keep those Jars of Goodwill full, and you focus on doing those things, your employees will be more engaged, more productive, more accurate, and more loyal. It’ll boost your bottom line and strengthen your reputation. And that’s why Janet named her company The Power of Goodwill.

Here’s what a few clients have said:

“In the field of early childhood education, teachers and staff have to reconfirm to their customer, the parent, on a daily basis that they made a good purchasing decision.  We believe so strongly in customer service to our parents because we are honored that they would choose our center to help care for and educate their most prized possession.  We also know that the magic triangle of success for a child can only take place if child, teacher, and parent are working together as a team. In order for that team to be successful, we needed to ensure that the staff was cohesive and the leadership team was effective.  We thought we had a great center and that our staff loved their jobs and wanted to come to work each day. Janet’s employee morale assessment helped us recognize our strengths and weaknesses.  With her recommendations, experience in team building, and support, we improved our staff morale and created an even better early childhood center. Janet is a tremendous resource and continues to advise us and remind us to take care of our most important business asset — our staff.”   — Early Childhood Center Director

“Janet has such an excellent reputation at our company. When we bring her in to do an employee morale assessment, she meets with all employees — some in small groups and others one-on-one. This allows for all voices to be heard within the company. She creates such a comfortable environment with her non-judgmental demeanor and trustworthiness. This put employees at ease, which ultimately enables them to open up with their thoughts and feelings about the company. By opening a confidential channel of communication, Janet gathers honest and accurate feedback — much of which would otherwise not have been brought to the CEO’s attention. This process always gives rise to incredible improvements, resulting in increased employee morale throughout the company. I highly recommend her services!”
 — Company Manager