The Power of Goodwill helps make outstanding workplaces even better!

Are you a leader, business owner, or boss who is committed to creating an outstanding work environment?

Do your most of your employees look forward to coming to work most of the time? 

Would you like to make your outstanding workplace even better, boost the bottom line, and increase customer loyalty?

YES? Then find out what Janet Smith, employee morale consultant, and The Power of Goodwill can do for you!

A ten percent increase in employee morale leads to a five percent boost to the bottom line…and a seven percent increase in customer loyalty! And it’s a lot easier to increase morale when employees are already feeling pretty good about their jobs, their bosses, and their employers.

JANET SAYS: “Increasing employee morale is a management issue, so I work with business owners and leaders, and all levels of management within an organization.”

Services include:

  • The Employee Morale Snapshot—an assessment of the current workplace culture and level of employee morale, and recommendations for making it even better
  • On-site or remote assistance and guidance while implementing changes to the organization
  • Boss training
  • Leadership team-building program, based on “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” by Patrick Lencioni
  • Strengthscope strengths-based assessments and coaching for leaders, managers, individual contributors, and teams
  • Assistance communicating with employees about difficult circumstances that impact the workplace including terminations, layoffs, mergers, restructuring, or reorganization; change in leadership; unexpected termination, serious illness, or death of an executive or key employee; lawsuits, negative media coverage, and other crisis situations.