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So how old is old?

Posted by Janet Smith on September 23, 2008

A local community college is holding an “Employ the Older Workers” job fair today. Participating employers will be there to interview “older workers” interested in jobs in health care, customer service, and hospitality.  The job fair, I read, is for those age 40 and older looking for jobs.

Did you catch that? 40? FORTY!! Maybe it’s just me, since I hit the big FIVE-OH earlier this year…but I’m really disturbed that 40-somethings looking for a job may be considered old. Sure, 40 is old if you want a job as a professional football player. But seriously. Swimmer Dara Torres at age 41 can win three silver medals at the Beijing Olympics-but my 42-year-old neighbor is so old that she needs a special health fair to find a job?

When I think of older workers, I think of the generation of workers referred to as traditionalists, who are currently age 63-83. It’s hard to even think of baby boomers as being old, though I suppose that since they’re now age 44-64, some of them may be approaching that category.

Stay tuned for more posts on workplace generational issues. It’s a fascinating subject, and I have lots to say on the subject. Starting with this statement: Forty is not old!

At what age do you consider a worker old? Leave a comment!

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