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Bored employees are your worst enemy

Posted by Janet Smith on September 8, 2008

If you’ve ever had a job where 15 minutes felt like an hour, this won’t surprise you: bored employees can hurt an organization. They are less innovative and productive, they don’t feel like they really matter, and they are likely to have low morale.

Employees with too much to do may be stressed out and complain…but they’re not nearly as unhappy as employees who don’t have enough to do.

This is according to the HR research firm Sirota Survey Intelligence. Drawing from responses from 1.4 million workers—both management and non-management—from more than 100 companies, they found that people bored at work have lower morale and are less productive.

A key element of high employee morale is feeling that you’re an important contributor to the success of your employer. If there’s not enough work to do…and time goes by very, very slowly…chances are, you won’t feel very valuable.

Too much work: not good. Too little work: even worse.

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