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Yelling at work

Posted by Janet Smith on July 29, 2008

Yelling, screaming, ranting and raving have no place in the workplace. Employers should not allow customers to yell at their employees. Employers should not allow employees to yell at each other. And I beg of bosses everywhere…please do not yell at your employees. It is inhumane, inappropriate, and an abuse of position. It’s also one of the quickest ways to send morale plummeting, not that bosses who yell even care.

Yet I hear it all the time. A lot of people deal with yelling at work.

One company I know of actually allows a group of employees to yell at each other when they disagree. These co-workers blame each other for everything and apparently know of no other way to deal with conflict. Can you imagine going to work at a place like that every day?

Earlier this year I was talking with a man who works as a custodian. He said he made less than $10 an hour. This man was probably in his late 30s, and he had a family. But he said to me, “I’d stay here for the rest of my career if my boss would just quit yelling at me.”

Broke my heart.

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1 Comment

  1. Elizabeth

    I read alot about managers not yelling at an employee but what about an employee who yells at me? I am a supervisor of 25 people. I have an employee who has argued with me in front of customers, yelled at me in the office even taking a book out of my hands and throwing it on the desk. When I report this behavior to my manager, or the store manager all I get is male “oh he didn’t mean it”, “he has a bad temper”. I got invited into the manager’s office for a talk with this employee after he cornered me in the parking lot and vented on me about something at work. This man says inappropriate comments to me about how cute I am, why aren’t we together etc etc. This was reported as well and I got “he does this to alot of girls”.
    I have gone to my HR Lead, the Assistant Store Manager and the store manager. Talk about yelling!! I want to strangle him because he gets way with this.