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Employee Morale insights from part-time teenage jobs

Posted by Janet Smith on July 16, 2008

I have two teenagers, and they both have part-time jobs—one at a grocery store, and one at a restaurant. Both of them describe their bosses as “mean.”

My son, who has the restaurant job, just started there about six weeks ago. He said the workers who have been their much longer told him the boss is “mean to everyone and never smiles.” They told him not to expect the boss to be nice because she never is.

My daughter, who has worked at this grocery store for about 10 months, used to like the management there. But there were some personnel changes a few months ago, and she says no one likes to work there anymore. She told me that the “old” bosses really liked her and made her feel like a great employee who really works hard (which I believe to be true, setting aside my bias as a mother). They were grooming her to take on a bit more responsibility. Then the new bosses came in, and they tell her she doesn’t appear to work very hard and they don’t want to give her more responsibility.

The good news is that my kids make minimum wage and can find another job if they get fed up with the poor management. And of course they’re learning important life lessons, because they’ll no doubt encounter many more bad bosses in their lives. But it’s sad that to see how quickly their enthusiasm has died. Very sad. Because it just doesn’t have to be that way.

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