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Don’t keep employees in the dark

Posted by Janet Smith on June 4, 2008

I was recently told about a small business owner who knows a lot about his industry, but little or nothing about how to treat employees. The guy decided to hire a new manager to oversee a portion of the 21 employees. Sounds logical to me. But he didn’t tell the employees about the decision! The new manager just showed up one day—and one of his direct reports assumed he was there to fix the broken fax machine.

I feel sorry for the employees, as well as for the new manager who surely had no idea that he was walking into a situation like this. When employees receive inadequate communication—or no communication—they are insulted and demoralized.  Good leaders know that employees will be nervous about having a new boss, and must be told about the change and about the new person as much in advance as possible.

Unfortunately, too many leaders think that if employees won’t be happy about something, it’s best to just keep them in the dark as long as possible.  If that were the case, there’d be a management book called, “Blindside Your Way to Business Success!”

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