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Bad Boss, the reality TV show

Posted by Janet Smith on May 16, 2008

I think there should be a reality show for bad bosses. Something kind of like Super Nanny meets The Office. A consultant (please let it be me!) would be on site, observing how the boss interacts with the staff. All the cubicles would have mini-cams, to capture the employees complaining about the latest rude thing the boss said or did. Some would cry, saying they are trying to please the boss but it seems to be impossible.

The consultant (me, hopefully) would interrupt the boss during interactions with employees. During those teachable moments, the boss would be shown how to manage people with kindness and appreciation, rather than with contempt and intolerance.

By the end of the hour, the boss would see the light and apologize to the workers for the shabby treatment they had received for so long. The boss would vow to communicate better; recognize, reward and empower the staff; nurture them; show respect; and somehow convince them that he would no longer bite their heads off if they made a mistake.

The employees would celebrate. And this time, some would cry tears of joy at the thought of working eight hours a day for someone who is actually pleasant.

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  1. Jermaine

    This is a good idea. Gordon Ramsey on Kitchen Nightmares did this A LOT. He would notice that bosses were ruining the morale of the kitchen staff, which led to lousy food, so he would also coach them into making them better leaders. But a show focused on bad bosses exclusively — brilliant! I think it should focus on retail establishments mainly — too many bad bosses there.

  2. Janet

    Thanks for telling me about Kitchen Nightmares! I’ve never worked in a restaurant, but Drew has and I’m sure he’ll have something to say about the subject of bosses in kitchens. I know there are a lot of bad bosses in retail…but really, there are just a lot of bad bosses PERIOD. I’ve spoken with so many people in office settings who are miserable. Frequently, it’s because they feel completely unimportant and unappreciated. How hard is it to say “thank you” to someone, anyway?? Anyway, glad you like my idea. If you know anyone in the television industry, please forward my post.
    Thanks again,