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Don’t be a clueless boss

Posted by Janet Smith on April 4, 2008

There are so many leaders and managers who are clueless as to how their employees really feel about their jobs, the company, and their bosses. These leaders and managers fall into these categories:

  • They don’t want to know how their employees really feel, because then they might have a problem (or many problems) to fix.
  • They don’t care how their employees really feel, so what difference does it make?
  • They don’t know they should know and care about the morale of their employees.
  • They work for an organization that discourages management from being kind and caring to the workers because if you are, those employees will just run all over ya and take advantage of ya and productivity will drop and work will just turn into one big circus and the sissy manager who tried to be caring will be ineffective and will have lost the respect of everyone.

Attention, bosses everywhere: You’ve got to find out how your employees feel, and if there are problems, work on fixing them. You don’t want unhappy employees—even if they do a good job for you. You don’t want unengaged employees—even if they are relatively happy. This is what you want: employees who are both happy and feel engaged and connected. Because these are the employees who will truly become ambassadors of your organization. These are the employees who will spread goodwill for your organization. These are the employees who will be assets to your reputation.

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