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12 ways to boost employee morale

Posted by Janet Smith on April 11, 2008

Are you looking for ways to boost employee morale? It’s not that hard. And it doesn’t have to cost much. But little things certainly do mean a lot to employees. Here are some ideas for showing your employees just how much you appreciate them. They’ll respond by working harder for you.

  1. Do any of your employees have a candy jar? Surprise them by buying a few bags of their favorite candy to restock the jar. (This is especially good if you often help yourself to their candy!)
  2. Send (or email) a thank you card.
  3. Ask your employees to help you solve a business-related problem. Listen to what they say and involve them (if possible) in implementing a solution.
  4. Give employees a few tickets to something they enjoy: movies, concerts, theatre, sporting events, the zoo…
  5. Hire a massage therapist to come to the office and give each employee a 15-minute chair massage.
  6. Spend time talking with your employees about the most important thing you’re working on at the present time. Tell them what’s going well, where the challenges lie, and how they are contributing to the success of the project.
  7. Bring in pizza for lunch for everyone…for no reason!
  8. Reward a motivated, high-energy staff member with a special project that they will find exciting and interesting.
  9. Praise employees for outstanding work, great ideas, etc. Do this publicly and in their presence—during a meeting; when all of their co-workers are present; when you’re talking to the big boss.
  10. Feature a great employee on the company’s Intranet or in the newsletter. Include a quote from you explaining why this person is such an asset to the company.
  11. Your employees who spend at least 15 minutes (each way) driving to and from work will love receiving a CD in a genre of music they enjoy, or a book on CD. Before making the purchase, make sure you find out what they like to listen to!
  12. Call a one-hour staff meeting, but don’t let them know in advance that fun and food are the only agenda items. Imagine their faces when they enter the conference room and find the table piled with play-doh, stickers, markers, construction paper, slinkys, yo-yos, cards and other games—a giant crossword puzzle up on the wall! Fill baskets with their favorite snack foods and soft drinks.

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