Employee Morale,
Workplace Culture,
and the Bottom Line.

Wondering how a workplace with a good culture can become a workplace with a really great culture?  Interested in increasing employee engagement, productivity, loyalty, customer service levels, and the bottom line? Looking for ways to raise morale and inspire your employees to be ambassadors for your organization?

YES? Then call me. I’m Janet Smith, a workplace culture and employee morale consultant.

I talk to people about their jobs all the time, and it makes me so happy when I hear, “I love my job!” …or, “My boss is the best!” … or “The owner of the company I work for cares about the employees so much!” The only thing is, I don’t hear these kinds of comments nearly as often as I would like.

Employees genuinely want to do a good job, and everyone has an intrinsic need to feel connected to the organization they work for, and to feel appreciated and valued. Leaders, business owners, and bosses at all levels usually want to give employees what they need, but have no idea how to do so effectively. Lost causes? Absolutely not! After talking with employees and getting honest feedback about what their bosses are doing well and where they need improvement, I work with these managers (both one-on-one and in teams) and help them go from mediocre bosses to magnificent bosses!

The morale in your organization may be good—but I’ll recommend ways to make it even better, and help you make changes — many of which are small and cost little or nothing to implement, but mean a lot to your employees.

Put The Power of Goodwill to work and discover how my workplace culture consulting, boss training, and customized programs can increase employee morale, build a thriving culture, boost your bottom line, and strengthen your organization’s reputation.


The Jar of Goodwill

What’s the Jar of Goodwill? Where is that jar, anyway? What’s in it...and why is it important?